Hi , I would just like to give a bit of history about how all this got started.

My name is Paul Griggs and started Sim Racing around 2 years ago , back in the 80’s I was quite active in the club rallying scene building and rallying Mk2 escorts with varying amounts of success 😉

Now with the sheer cost of competing in real life I decided to Sim Race and built a fairly decent setup using  trak racer and simagic equipment.

I also have educational qualifications in electronics and circuit design so built my own button box for my rig. Another sim racer saw this and asked me to make one for him. So I decided to then dedicate a lot of time designing and making button boxes for sim racers.

I have also been envolved in 3D printing for about 4 years now so I have a lot of experience designing and printing all sorts of odd and not so odd things.

So here we are .

If you need any more information feel free to give me a shout over Discord at the Potato Nation Server in my Geezer SimRacing channel