CSL DD SimRacing button box with 8 Blue Buttons + Engine Start With Red Brake Bias Knob


This button box is designed to fit onto the side of a fanatec CSL DD wheel base.

The actual box can be fitted with other faceplates and different button configurations if required

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SimRacing Button Box with 8 Buttons + Engine Start With Brake Bias in Red PC ONLY
1 Push Button Rotary Encoder
1 Blue Engine Start Button Lit
1 Engine on momentary toggle
Comes with free sticker sheet
2m USB cable
100mm Vesa Style fitting on the back of the box
3D Printed Box and Lid with Carbon Fiber Look Vinyl
Size: 300mm x 140mm x 48mm

Additional information

Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 300 × 140 × 48 cm