Sim racing button boxes enhance your sim racing engagement and user performance.

We have a large range of different types of button boxes available.

With our button boxes you will not have to struggle to find a keyboard key you simply map one of the buttons on the box to control whatever is available within the game.Everything you require is placed at your fingertips, brake bias ,lights , wipers you can even map a button to silence your mic or discord. Our button boxes are fully plug and play and ready to go.

My button boxes are tested in iRacing , Asseto Corsa and Asseto Corsa Competitionie on a Windows 10 PC .

They do not work at present on PS4 however this is something I am working on.

All my button boxes use 3D printed PLA.It is possible to bio degrade PLA in about a week using the correct treatments. If you compare this to an ABS box this will still be sat in a landfill disposal site in a 1000 years. So my boxes are kinda “green”. Also a box is a box, the important stuff is in the electronics and the design.

Buttons are either standard buttons in either red or blue or metal lit buttons in either red or blue.

I use a custom designed printed circuit board inside the boxes. I dont just hang wires in the box in a kind of rats nest messy confusion.

Boxes also employ anti ghosting diodes

I provide a large range of different models of sim racing button boxes. The range is being added to all the time as I develop new products. However if you see nothing here that is what your looking for then please send a message and it may be possible for me to design a custom box for you. This can include custom positioning of different types of contols.

I also provide sim racing displays, fully customised button boxes and can also do General 3D printing if you need anything printed.

For fitting the boxes have either a 75mm or 100mm vesa pattern on the back using 5mm fittings.Again if you need a custom positioning method for your box this is open for discussion.

Your product when ordered will follow these steps:
  • Order received
  • If the item is not already available from stock, this could be because you require a custom solution or I have had a run on a certain product, then the item is constructed this normally takes 1 week
  • Product is tested
  • Product is sent
  • ALL products get tested by me before I send them doesnt matter if its a fresh build or a stock item

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